Thursday 16 June 2011

Tanzania - The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth

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In preparing for a trip to the wonderfully diverse African continent there are many questions that will come to mind as to read, plan, and prepare. These blog pages will ask and answer those questions. For further information and itinerary suggestions please email David Clapp at or call at 508-896-7322. Nasera Safaris is a Tanzanian company run by the very well known and highly experienced Joseph Ndunguru. Joseph (worked for many years for the Tanzanian National Parks and later was a guide and courier for Abercrombie & Kent.

Joseph has recently started his own safari company with the intention of providing special experiences to ( clients who want to organize and arrange their own outing. The usual safari is into the Serengeti in northern Tanzania. However there are options to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, dive into the huge reserves in southern Tanzania, or visit the mountains where the great apes live (Uganda and Rwanda). You decode, you set the parameters, and we will develop a wonderful experience for your group.

The blog pages include choosing a safari, when and where to go, packing, medical considerations, travel to and from East Africa, photography and optics, and a series of galleries showing mammals, birds, scenery, and other items of natural history interest. Search through the blog site as if it were a web page - and enjoy Tanzania - it is home to the greatest wildlife show on Earth.

We will be happy to discuss your interests and goals as you think about the safari. We will make suggestions and offer ideas that will help you make the most of this trip of a lifetime.

Joseph has led thousands of visitors through Tanzanian parks and wilderness areas. His easy style and intimate relationships with lodge mangers make him the ideal traveling companion when it comes to logistics. His lifetime of observing wildlife and teaching visitors make him equally adept as a mentor, friend, and companion.