Saturday 18 June 2011

When and Where Do I Go?

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A safari can be wonderfully elegant or it can be an earthy visit to the place where man was born. Tented camps have tents but they also have private bathrooms, showers, king beds, and room service. Some lodges have room insinuated into the branches of ancient baobab trees and others are as elegant a a Rivera spa. Your choice of lodging will impact the price of your journey but the wildlife viewing is universal to all travelers. 

All lodges have multi-lingual help, good food, safe water, and a remoteness that will have you tingling through the entirety of your safari. I just love sleeping and waking in Africa.

Each of the options carries a price tag of course. Permanent tented camps and the hotels may be the least expensive. Elegant hotels and the unique experience of having a mobile camp will cost more. The more remote opportunities are more expensive... and so on.

The locations are also varied and variable. Many of the parks, including the Serengeti, in northern Tanzania are best in January, February, and March when the great numbers of wildebeest and zebra have arrived. There are parts of the Serengeti to the west that see the animals as they begin to migrate back to the west and then north toward Kenya and its Maasai Mara where they will be in July, August, and September. The highest costs are coincidental with the greatest number of animals. But, there are always animals of all sorts in all the places throughout the year - the density varies greatly however. 

In the Serengeti the rains begin in November or December and carry on through April. This greens up the grass, attracting the migration, and cannot be avoided. It rarely rains heavily and almost never rains all day. But the best animals and the presence of some rain are certain to overlap. Birders can go anytime, but the wettest times make for difficult travel.